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Related article: Date: Sat, 17 May 2008 20:13:48 -0700 (PDT) From: Lee Writen Subject: The Adventures of the closeted farm boy chapter 1This story is a work of fiction from my mind and no one elses. Parts of this story are true while parts are completely fantasy. I hope you enjoy it. So, our story begins with Lee, a simple young man raised in the country. He grew up as the middle child of 5 boys born to an at one time young couple. He lived a good life, grew up with the land free to roam and explore. Skipping ahead a few years... Lee is now 21 all his brother are married and in their own homes some Prelolita Toplist with children already, including the younger ones.Lee is driving out in the middle of the desert in his truck. His thoughts are filled with annoyance at his mother and sister in laws, all they want to do is try and hook him up with different girls or this friend or that one, always saying he is waiting for the perfect skinny blonde haired girl. But, Prelolita Toplist what his family doesn't know is that Lee actually is feeling attracted to men, more and more each day.He finds it easy to hide this fact behind his love for the outdoors and all things "manly." Looking at him you wouldn't be able to tell he was attracted to men, he is not your stereotypical gay male.He drives a truck, wears his work pants every where and is always in a pair of boots. Sitting in the back window is a gun rack only used when going out target shooting or driving north to hunt.As he drives he has the window down, it's a warm day, he remembers seeing the bank sign saying something like 95 but he doesn't feel like having the AC on attempting to save on gas as he wastes it but mindlessly driving. After 30 minutes to an hour of driving he finds him self at the start of the trail down into the canyon where there is a natural spring lake. It is so cold that on a summer day of 110 degrees F it still shrivels your dick and makes your balls retract into your body.He is warm and sweaty from the drive so he decides to make the mile hike down the winding trail to the lake. As he is climbing out of the truck he notices a smaller truck off a short ways away. He kicks himself for not noticing as he tries to pride him self on his observational skills.He hadn't brought any trunks with him as he hadn't planned on ending up here. He sits and thinks for a bit and decides "To hell with it."He starts down the slope towards the lake. As he is getting closer he notices a pile of clothes near one of the diving rocks. He then sees the flash of skin dive into the water from another rock. He decides to go on the rest of the way down and see what he may find.As he nears he sees a head of blonde hair bobbing in the water facing away from him. As he gets closer the head turns and he sees something out of a fantasy.The man seems to be about 25 years old, he has a slight beard more stubble than anything, his are a sharp verdant green, as the man comes closer getting more towards the shallow water his chest appears. Upon seeing this Lee's gives a small yet unnoticeable gasp and feels his cock stir. The mans pecs are gorgeous, they are hard and square with beautiful nickel sized nipples, his chest is covered in a light dusting of hair that goes down his chest to his tapered waist. Under his chest is one of the hardest set of six packs Lee has ever seen. They look like they came from a muscle magazine and had been airbrushed they were so perfect. The man steps out of the water and Lee quickly looks away as the man's cock is swinging freely on top of his balls.In a wonderful baritone voice the stranger speaks, "Hi.""Hello." replied Lee"My names Adam," says the Adonis."Lee," is all that Lee can say, as he is trying not to stare too openly.Adam, "You wanna join me for a swim?"Lee, "Well I didn't bring any trunks with me; it was a spur of the moment decision to come down here."Adam, "Its cool man, just strip down and jump in."Lee wants to badly but doesn't want Adam to see what is going on with his cock due to Adam's appearance.Adam, "Come on man it'll be fun not as exciting swimming solo." He then winks at Lee and steps closer.Dam, Lee thinks, is he trying to hit on me?Lee pulls off his t-shirt and undoes his belt. Adam, "There ya go bud."Lee takes his boots off drops his pants and starts to head to the water.Adam, "You going to swim in your boxers? Man you will soak you jeans and maybe even the seats of your vehicle when you're done, why don't you just strip and skinny dip with me?"Fuck is the only word running through Lee's mind right now, What am I going to do if he sees me hard over him?*Rewind about a little over a year*Lee is at home on his computer; he is bored and sees a banner for a cruising site. Mildly interested he clicks it. When the screen pops up, he starts filling out a profile wondering what may happen from it.For a while nothing much happens, he logs on looks around checks out the dicks and pictures on there. Eventually he gets a hit from a guy who describes himself as average body sized nice penis ECT. and so Lee goes about planning a meeting with the man for sex.About a month goes Prelolita Toplist by before the meeting. It happens one night, he gets the text,"I am in town wanna meet?"Lee replies with "Sure where at I can be there in an hour.""Meet me at the ... Motel, I will be waiting.""Ok I will just head over now it's really close," Lee replied.As he pulls up he sees a shadow inside the back door, it opens and to his dismay a larger man steps out and greets him."Hi am John, are you Lee?"Lee, Dam, he definitely isn't what I thought, "Hi."John, "Wanna come inside?"Lee, Dam I am horny and I am so tired of people knowing I am a virgin I just wanna get rid of this dam V-card and start having sex. "Sure."He walks in past John who is holding the door and pauses waiting to see where to go. As John comes in he turns and heads up the stairs, Lee follows him to the third floor. When the get to the top John stops and opens the first door, and ushers Lee in. Lee walks in and pauses, John walks past and turns to face Lee grabbing Lee's crotch.John, "Nice, feels real nice."Despite himself Lee starts to get hard.John smiling and starting to undress, "Why don't you get naked?"Lee cursing his virginity and horniness starts to undress.John comes over grabs Lee, "Lay down on the bed."Lee does as told and gasps as he feels a moist hot mouth cover his cock for the first time in his life.Lee, "MMMM, Oh fuck that feels so good."Lee lies there moaning as John sucks his cock and massages his large balls. Suddenly John takes his mouth from Lee's cock and sucks in one of his balls.Lee, "Oh my GOD." He nearly yells. He has never felt something like that in his life. It's almost better than getting his dick sucked.After five minutes of switching back and forth from Lee's balls and cock John stands up pushes Lee over and lies on the bed.John, "Lay on top of me I want to be in a 69 position. You don't have to suck on it but its there if you want to."Lee lies on top of John and feels his cock go into John's mouth. He looks in front of him and see John's hard 6 inch long and 3 inch wide dick, he grabs it and slowly starts to jack it off.John, "Oh careful, I'm uncut and my foreskin is very sensitive, but keep jacking me if you aren't gunna suck me off."Lee sits there enjoying the blow job he is getting and slowly continues to jack off John's cock.Suddenly the stops.John, "I'm ready to fuck if you are, you want to fuck me first or me fuck you?"So what did you all think? Don't worry I am currently working on the next chapter. I hope you enjoyed it. Please feel free to email me with any comments at leewritenyahoo.com
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